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  • The Entrant is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their personal records upon registration.
  • If signing up on behalf of someone else, the Entrant confirms they have the right to use the information given to them by the person they are signing up.
  • Should any information change between the period of registration up to the time of participation, it is the individual Entrants’ responsibility to ensure that their records are updated accordingly by informing the Organizer.
  • The Organizer or their Agent will maintain a registration database for all entrants. All information will be collected, stored in a secure manner, which is only accessible to Suffix higher management. The information collected will be shared with the Event Owners upon their request but no other third party, sponsors or partners involved.
  • Suffix may use the information collected to market about their upcoming events, products or offers to the Entrant.
  • The Entrant gives permission to the Organizer, their Agents, or any other associated organizations to use images and videos featuring the Entrant for media, advertising and promotional use. The Entrant agrees to not having any rights to claim, sue or request removal of the content published featuring their appearance.

If an Entrant decides to have their information deleted, they must formally inform Suffix via email to, stating that they want their information deleted from the database. The action will be performed immediately upon request.